Cullinan Diamond Tours

Transport with pick up and drop off is provided from your hotel or guest lodge in Johannesburg, Sandton or Pretoria to the world famous Cullinan Diamond Mine. With the Cullinan diamond mine tour, you will visit a mine where a diamond of 3106 Carats were discovered in 1905. Not only is the attraction the diamond mine, but the beautiful setting of the town of Cullinan.

You'll have the option of a cullinan surface tour or a cullinan underground tour. A surface tour comprises a nine minutes DVD, a model of an underground tunnel, the mine shaft, the hoist room and big hole. The tour lasts for 1 and half to 2 hours. The underground mine tour takes about 4 hours. Visitors are provided with safety clothes, such as overalls, safety shoes, socks and helmets. You are then taken down to the level of 763 meters. You then walk to other levels where you will see the ore being tipped, crushed and hoisted up. You also visit the administration offices and workshop underground. Just be ready to do quite a bit of walking. Our Premier diamond tours are a real favorite.
After visiting the mine, you will get the opportunity to visit the Cullinan diamond mine market for an unforgettable diamond jewellery shopping experience. Drive through the beautiful town of Cullinan, and finally return to your hotel or guest lodge in Johannesburg, Sandton or Pretoria.

Cullinan Diamond Mine Tour
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